This event is initiated by the work of the Hatune Foundation

The Hatune Foundation is an independent non-government relief organization, seated in Warburg, Germany. The organization provides relief projects worldwide, in 19 countries.

The Foundation’s main purpose is to help poor, vulnerable and especially persecuted people around the world. The organization was founded in 1991 by the Syrian Orthodox Sister, Hatune Dogan.

Since the outbreak of the war in Syria and Iraq Hatune Foundation has made huge efforts to help Christian and Yazidi refugees in their home countries, as well as in Germany.

The organization is well-known in large parts of the world. Mostly for the aid work provided in some of the most poor and hostile regions; but also for advocacy, performed through seminars in different communities, universities, television programs, newspaper articles and more.

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Already in 2014 it came to our knowledge, that Christian refugees in the Middle East, under UNHCR were treated as less important refugees by local officers and authorities.

Now three years have gone, and we have experienced the same problems in Asia and Africa. Now we want to perform a deep analysis of the UNHCR working methods.

Usually the aid industry, media and political messaging are different spheres. They are separate divisions, also because money designated for aid may not be used for messaging.

But, aid people are the ones who have real experience when it comes to these issues. Their attitudes are shaped from first-hand knowledge from their work on the ground.

We now want to utilize this knowledge to tell the world about our experiences with the UNHCR with the purpose to change vital functions in today’s management of refugees.

After more than three years as International Director for the Hatune Foundation, Hans Erling Jensen, has grabbed the challenge to carry through this important work. From 30th June 2017, Hans Erling will be working as the manager for this project filed under the name Expozite Information & Research. Together with Sister Hatune and her crew, Hans Erling will build up this new business in common fight for the persecuted Christians.

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Thank you for reading and God bless you

Hans Erling Jensen Sister Hatune Dogan


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