Refugee crisis in Europe 2014-2017

Over the past several years, Europe has experienced an overwhelming influx of African and Middle Eastern people, pouring over its borders, traveling through Turkey or over the Mediterranean Sea. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (hereinafter referred to as UNHCR) estimates that in 2015 approximately one million refugees crossed by sea to Europe. The PEW Research Center places the total number (sea and other) at 1.3 million. This represents a massive increase from the Economist’s 2014 figure of 671,000, with the trend seeming to continue in 2016, where over 400,000 persons applied for European asylum (All links available in the full project overview).

During the massive migration to Europe there have been no political motivation and no qualified resources to carry out competent vetting. The political scene in Western Europe does not leave much hope that a proper screening will ever occur! Every country should have a vetting strategy to protect the society against incompatible immigrants.

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