What makes this research so important and necessary?

The motive for this project is that we no longer believe in an independent UNHCR. We know that the UN and its subdivisions are often criticized for bias, corruption, mismanagement and so on.

Some western politicians claim, that UN nowadays is run by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and other groups beneficing the more diffuse ‘New World Order’ establishment. But no one seems to do anything about it, except occasionally threaten with economic sanctions, which are rarely enforced. United States is the absolute biggest donor to the UN (by 25% of total funds) and to UNHCR (four times as much as number 2; EU). (The new Trump administration has recently threatened to cut UN donations by 40%).

There is no doubt that these organizations will face massive new claims from the Trump administration in order to sustain the huge financial support that USA voluntarily funds them with.

Our plan to examine one aspect of the UNHCR work is not mainly focused on the economy as such, but on the humane aspect:

Is the UNHCR trustworthy to an acceptable degree? Or is the organization, in terms of refugee processing, too much relying on independent partners doing their own “private business” than doing a proper job? Or does the fact that this is handled by people make it impossible to eliminate influence of personal, religious or political factors!

 And also, what “proper job”, do the member countries expect from UNHCR? Do the UNHCR board and head – appointed by the UN member nations – have the same values as the donor countries?

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