Please help us to accomplish this important research!

I hope this overview has given you enough information to decide if you want to support our efforts revealing the UNHCR. If you want to know more, feel free to download our PDF-file describing the entire research plan – please do not share this without informing us:
Comprehensive Research Plan PDF

NOW we need funds to do a pre-study. Using our huge contact net spread over the world, we already now have a team of skilled people waiting for the go. To start the full operation, we need to have a detailed plan with all the basic information (pre-study).

We need 25–30.000 EURO/USD to complete this work.


Support us and help the people, mainly Christians, who suffers behind the door to freedom because of a fraudulent world organization paid by our taxes. If you donate 100 EURO/Dollars or more you will automatically get our report directly when finished – probably Oct/Nov 2018. From there we will be ready to take the next step.

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